Find your Sales Freelancer is a professional platform where international companies and independent sales force connect.

Our services

  • Worldwide sales agents' network is the worldwide sales agents’ network helping companies and sales agents to get in touch with each other. You have at your disposal a group of professionals to find the right profiles/mission for you. We develop our site and technology to connect sales freelancers and companies together.

  • Global focus

    Our prime advantage is the global focus. Independent sales agents - importers, distributors and sales representatives - as well as companies from all over the world use

  • Sales experience

    We have a profound expertise in connecting international and local companies with independent sales reps. Producers expand their market reach whilst agents are able
    to offer a new product on their portfolio.

Registration is free for companies and sales freelancer. There are no membership fees.
Should you wish to have more information please do not hesitate to contact us.