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About the company

PhenixII Tour Group

Who we are

PhenixII Tour Group is a travel and tourism business located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The business sell cultural tour packages to travellers worldwide, who are seeking an authentic travel experience so that they can learn more about a country, its people and their customs.


To become the company of choice for travelers around the globe who seek an authentic cultural experience in their overseas vacation destinations.

Our aim is to be:
- Known for enthusiasm, vibrancy and high ethical values;
- Known for high quality products and services;
- Known for exceptional pre-and-after sales and service;
- Known for employing only personnel who have the expertise and ability to provide superior customer services;
- Known for superior and ongoing training of employees to enhance their existent skills;
- Known for growth strategies within and outside the company.
- Known for partnering with superior suppliers and partners with high ethical values and integrity to mirror the company’s culture and standards
- Respected;
- Trusted Advisors;
- Experts and Professional in all our business dealings;
- Flexible;
- Enthusiastic, Inspire and Excite;
- Go the extra mile to please customers;
- Original offerings that customers will rave about.
- Humility.


We create 7, 10 and 14-day luxury cultural small group tour packages to a variety of destinations across the world. All tours are in popular tourist destinations but in regions that are usually ignored by the travel media and unknown to most tourists across the globe; giving our company the edge in offering products that are new to the industry.

Our packages are designed to address all the problems that customers have with current offerings, by creating products that will give them an ‘authentic’ cultural experience and satisfy their need to be exposed to unexplored regions with a wealth of history, opportunities to mingle with locals, and an opportunity to meet and make the acquaintance of people from different countries and from diverse backgrounds.

Business Model

• Direct contact with customers (internal staff - telephone/teleconferencing);
• One-on-one presentations (sales agents/internal sales people);
• Launching new products at pre-set periods annually, thereby giving customers wider destination choices, tour length and pricing.
• Websites, newsletter and blogs; social media; teleconferencing; competitions; freebies; encourage customers to be our advocates on social media and submit articles about their travel experiences for publishing in our newsletter; surveys that focus on their travel interests and making relevant changes to products to make more attractive to customers;
• Partnerships with well-established and well-known travel partners – selling their products and leveraging opportunities for inclusion of our products in their marketing campaigns;
• Establishment of long-term relationships/memberships with travel and travel-related organisations and associations;
• Exploit opportunities to increase customers from generation Y and Z (students) who have a great interest in other countries and the people from those countries, by engaging with them through social media.

Payment Terms
• Payment Terms: 30% deposit and 11 equal payments for 1st-time buyers and 24 months for repeat bookings.

Payment Method

• Swift – Bank telegraphic transfer.
• No other payment menthods are used as the company is still sorting out issues with travel software and business processes. All work is at the moment done “manually”.

Customer Profile

• Customers: Earnings $30,000 - $100,000 p.a.;
• often combine vacations and business trips with visits to historic sites;
• are between the ages of 18+ (on average, 42% are between 45 and 65 years of age), which is younger than the average age of local visitors to the destinations;
• are gainfully employed;
• tend to travel in parties of two or more (single/married) – some of them students from affluent families whose parents are able to sponsor such a trip;
• take such a tour every 12 - 18 months;
• spend, on average, eight or more nights in hotels or guest houses;
• have an interest and love of and might be a student of history, arts and culture, enjoy visiting small and sleepy towns, villages and hamlets with a wealth of history, as well as
• using it as their preferred choice of overnight areas to avoid noisy and often raucous main cities;
• prefer to avoid over-crowded tourist “hotspots” that forms part of most tour packages, love wide open spaces and nature, are wildlife enthusiasts and hope to catch an annual
cultural event, festival or concert that has been celebrated/performed for ages, to give them an opportunity to mingle with the locals;
• look forward to the prospect of travelling within a diverse group of like-minded people from various countries/backgrounds (not necessarily family/friends);
• have the financial capacity to spend close to R1,000 per day, which is R500 more than the average spend by local visitors to selected regions;
• spend on average $1,500 per visitor during their stay, which is comparable to the amount of $350 that a local visitor would spend;
• like to shop for antiques and traditional art creations, don’t mind to pay the price of a really good meal (dinner) as well as outstanding and up-market local cultural entertainment, visits to nature, wild and theme reserves/parks to break the monotony;
• love the prospect of visiting a neighbouring country at the same time;
• speak English fluently and don’t have issues with not being served in their mother-tongue;
• prefer to use the services of tour consultants who can plan their tours, recommend destinations and do all the legwork for them (research, bookings, reservations, organise visas, airline tickets, transport to/from home/airport), as opposed to using the Internet to plan their vacations;
• want to explore regions with a wealth of cultural heritage in destinations worldwide;

Assignment description

Sales people with a proven track record to sell travel and tourism products to travelers worldwide
Ability to establish and maintain interaction with clients throughout the sales process, as well as provide excellent after-sales care for repeat sales. Above-average commission and fantastic awards for the highest performers.

Profile requirements

Ambitious, honest and reliable with high ethical standards. Great opportunity for person with a proven sales track record in the travel and tourism industry. Must be able to identify, lead prospects and CLOSE the deal, professional, well-organized, extremely self-confident, brilliant negotiation, communication and social skills, a passion for sales and travel, and willing to go the extra mile to close deals. Ability to establish and maintain interaction with clients throughout the sales process, as well as provide excellent after-sales care for repeat sales. Above-average commission and fantastic awards for the highest performers.

Target clients

Customers: Earnings $30,000 - $100,000 p.a.;
Singles, couples and students from affluent families;
Age: 18+, healthy and fit;
Seeking an authentic cultural vacation in a foreign destination;
Want to mingle with the locals;
Want to travel with a small group of like-minded people from across the world;

Product description

7, 10 and 14-day Luxury Cultural tours to Europe and South AfricaAbility to establish and maintain interaction with clients throughout the sales process, as well as provide excellent after-sales care for repeat sales. Above-average commission and fantastic awards for the highest performers.

Additional information

3 - 5 %

per sale

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    Sales People Wanted Worldwide

    PhenixII Tour Group

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