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About the company

TopologyPro LLC

We are dealing with some of the products those are related to following industries
1. School /college/ Institute process management or automation
2. Astrology products for horoscope
3. Online competition
4. Online prometric or online website

Assignment description

We need freelance sales partner and will assure to provide good commissions to him/her. Our products would be following;
1 .School - College management software
2. Astrology and horoscope management
3. Online competition for different business to gain traction to their business
4. Test generation websites

Profile requirements

Independent sales agents

Target clients

- Schools , colleges
- local business
- New business
- retailers

Product description

- Contact schools and colleges to offer them our institute management software
- Contact schools colleges or various consulting companies those hire to setup test papers using our web portal
- Contact schools and colleges to offer them international student exchange programs for 4 - 6 weeks
- People interested in astrology using stars and solar system positions
- Startups who recently launch their business and need some cheap tools IT tools from chat services to website and virtual reception etc

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    Need freelance sales partners

    TopologyPro LLC

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