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About the company

Mindset 24/7

Mindset 24/7 is a management consultancy that trains and coaches executives on building a Growth Mindset to power organizational alignment and performance.

Assignment description

We offer two solutions that build the attitudes and behaviors of a Growth Mindset. We provide assessments, training, executive coaching and keynote speaking. The Growth Mindset is a transformational outlook for an organization to focus on growth.

Profile requirements

We are looking for sales support with experience selling management consulting into construction, manufacturing, logistics and warehousing.

Target clients

Manufacturing and Education. We offer Public Workshops that have attracted attendees from multiple vertical markets.

Product description

Growth Mindset 24/7 is a system of Attitudes that constitute a Growth Mindset that is a powerful motivator in an organization. We identify behaviors that drive the attitudes and train organizations on behaviors that align them for exceptional performance.

First Response is a system of behaviors to manage Response to any Situation to achieve better Outcomes. S+R=O is a simple 4 step process to Stop & Listen, Assess the Situation, Identify Outcomes and Discipline the Response.

The two solutions together create highly effective, collaborative and opportunistic leaders who drive exceptional organizational performance.

We deliver services through an 360 assessment, on-site training, and executive coaching. We also deliver Keynote Speeking to engage audiences in the topic of a Growth Mindset.

Additional information

20 - 30 %

We commission on sales booked with fees for different engagement types.

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    New Business Development - Management Consulting

    Mindset 24/7

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