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Banking the Unbankable

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A product specifically designed for US immigrants who do not have a bank account or are sending money back home to their country of origin. We offer the Alterna pre paid debit card backed by Meta Bank.
At no cost to the employer or employee to enroll, the Alterna card offered by IWN FINANCIAL™️, offers employers and employees a safe and secure way to send money, pay payroll, and a host of other incredible options the card holders. Supported and backed by major banks in all Latin American countries, while not being reportable to any agency.

A revolutionary breakthrough in the banking world for migrant, unbanked, vital work force.

Assignment description

IWN FINANCIAL™️ looking to expand quickly into the migrant labor markets nationwide.
Weare looking for highly motivated sales people who want to make a difference in what they offer to a huge population of our nations work force.
We have a lead list by state of potential companies that should be offering this to their migrant workers as THE most advanced option to access the money they work so hard for. But this is just the start. We need sales folks who see the vast opportunity to open up better financial options to employers and their employees.

Work form home. Make phone calls. Sign up business or individuals. Get paid from the use of the services they sign up for.

Profile requirements

Independent Sales Agent

Target clients

Migrant work forces all business sectors that account for over 27 million migrant unbanked laborers.

Product description

The only card to be backed by both US and Latina American banks for unbankable workers.

Direct deposit capable.
Non reporting funds transfers.
No SSN required.
Family members can get cards at no cost.
No more high priced check cashing fees.
Build credit through card transactions
Health insurance benefits.
And more.

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    Banking the Unbankable


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