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SALES - Lead Gen for SaaS product

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About the company


inboxAds is an advanced plug-and-play email advertising platform that enables publishers to monetize their email campaigns and marketers to connect their brands with real people.

We deliver the most effective email deployment, consumer engagement, and programmatic advertising tools to generate the highest returns for every business, regardless of size and email volume. We constantly improve and innovate to create more value for our customers.

Based in Las Vegas, inboxAds helps publishers and advertisers from all over the world to drive more opens, more click-throughs, and higher revenue. Since email is still the most preferred communication channel, we provide our customers with added value with each email they send.

Crafted with the user in mind, inboxAds delivers a seamless user experience throughout the process. Get in touch to discover how we can help you bring in more revenue for your business.

Assignment description

We're looking for SALES affiliates that can help us close deals with publishers for our product. We are happy to work on a success fee or % of revenue from the signed contracts.

Profile requirements

Good connections & strong influence over prospects working for big companies / industries that are sending large amounts of emails. For example: Media Agencies, Media Groups, Online Publications, etc.

Target clients

Businesses' which are sending large volumes of emails.

Product description

Our product enables publishers to monetize their email channel by placing Ads in their newsletters.

Additional information

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    SALES - Lead Gen for SaaS product


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