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SALES REPRESENTATIVES for several locations in USA

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About the company


POLY DEFENSOR brings a new concept of non-lethal devices. The company’s heart is a R&D sector committed to provide solutions and new equipment, increasing effectiveness and reliability to meet the needs of law enforcement officers and, at the same time, the newest humanitarian guidelines for the use of force. INNOVATION is the main feature of POLY DEFENSOR what made the company well known around the world. The main product of company is PSI PRO, the most mordern non-lethal spray device in the market with unique features, specially because it can be used everywhere, even in confined premises.

Assignment description

Recruitment for SALES REPRESENTATIVES for several locations in the USA: The company has an exclusive and patented non-lethal weapon with unique features for law officers.

The company garantees exclusivity for the SALES REPRESENTATIVES in their respective region or state and pays 5% comission as agreed.

Profile requirements

Preferentially ex-military or ex-officers with connections with the Police Departments in their regions.

Target clients

Police Departments, Corrections and other Law Officers.

Product description

PSi PRO is the most mordern non-lethal spray device in the market with unique features:
- There's NO-CROSS CONTAMINATION so it can be used everywhere with no restrictions, even in confined premises, because the bystanders and the officers will not be afected;
- It has EASY CLEAN-UP so the officers is able to reverse the symptoms quickly;
- It reacts with the oxygen in the air, so it produces an immediate eye closure with NO DELAY;
- There's no pepper in its formulation, so it meets the principle of REVERSIBILITY.

Contact us for complete technical infomation.

Additional information

5 - 5 %


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    SALES REPRESENTATIVES for several locations in USA


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