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Unique Kitchen Products In the Health And Wellness Space

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About the company

Breezou Inc

Fermented foods and drinks have been consumed for centuries as part of traditional diets in cultures all over the world. In our family, they have been consumed as part of our diet for many years.

After experiencing some health issues related to digestion and gut health, we started introducing fermented foods to our diet. Then we started fermenting our own food and we haven’t looked back!

We believe in the power of a nutrient-rich diet on one's health. From the very beginning, it has been our goal at Nourished Essentials to empower our customers to create fresh, healthy and nutritiously rich foods and drinks that help heal our bodies from within.

Our products are designed for growers and makers, families and individuals who want to get back to basics – back to the healing through food that came so naturally to our ancestors. With our line of kitchen tools, our aim is to help you make, preserve, ferment, and even store your healthy food creations.

Lacto-fermented foods and drinks are a source of probiotics that heal and maintain a healthy gut. Whether you are dealing with allergies, digestion issues or just want to eat a healthier, more balanced diet, a daily dose of beneficial microorganisms found in fermented food is a highly effective, easy and economical way to maintain a healthy gut.

All types of different vegetables and delicious drinks have been fermented in our kitchen but the process and the equipment needed was bulky, messy and frustrating. From moldy ferments to exploding jars to loose airlocks – we knew there had to be a better way to produce small-batch ferments.

Our solution to all these common fermenting issues was to invent The Easy Fermenter Lids. We took valve technology from the medical industry to ensure that gas can get out and no air can get in and created a compact, easy to use lid that is compatible with mason jars. Our lids are a simple, small, set-and-forget solution that won't spill, and best of all – they produce delicious mold-free ferments! Pour, store, ferment, brew - it’s up to you!

Assignment description

We are looking for someone to help sell our line of fermenting and mason jar based products. We have a successful direct to consumer brand that we are looking to expand with more B2B sales.

Food fermentation is a fast-growing niche and our successful line of products are perfect for grocery stores or other health and wellness food stores.

Our other line of products are a great addition to wide mouth mason jars and would work perfectly where ever they are sold.

Target clients

Retail consumers. Our products are great fit for grocery stores, coffee shops, hardware stores or big box stores(next to the mason jars)

Product description

We are open to our whole line of products

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    Unique Kitchen Products In the Health And Wellness Space

    Breezou Inc

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