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Sell ads on a great bookstand given to college libraries

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About the company

Thinstand Corp

Thinstand Corp. was formed in 2008 with a vision to improve the way people read
and study. Seeing that so many people strain their posture leaning over large
and heavy books, we created the Thinstand Foldable Bookstand to ease the
pressure on the neck and spine, to make reading and studying less strenuous
and more enjoyable.

The Thinstand is a handy bookstand that you can fold up and take with you
in the book you are reading!

In 2010 we received the patent for the Thinstand.
We are now actively expanding distribution into the many uses for the Thinstand,
such as retail, promotional, and fundraising.

Assignment description

We are ready to give away to College Libraries 75,000 Thinstand bookstands. All we need is to sell ads on them. We have a list of the most likely advertisers. Here is a site that explains what we want to do.

Target clients

The end users are college students who go to college libraries.

Product description

The thinstand is patented, and lasts forever. The reader will see the ads every time they read.

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    Sell ads on a great bookstand given to college libraries

    Thinstand Corp

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