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Chemical sales to lodging industry

UNITED STATESIndependent Sales AgentCleaning chemicals

About the company

Espyre LLC

We manufacture a line of cleaning products that removes biofilm. Our cleaners, Oh Yuk, are for jetted bathtubs, washing machines, dishwashers and hot tubs. We do very well with our jetted bathtub (Jacuzzi) cleaner in the lodging industry. See "Oh Yuk" on Amazon or visit our website "

Assignment description

We are the leading manufacturer of a jetted bathtub (Jacuzzi/Whirlpool) cleaner for the lodging industry. Cleaning jetted bathtubs is one of the largest headaches for hotels, resorts, bed & breakfast, vacation home rental, etc. Our product is by far the leading product. However, most still don't know about our cleaner. Once they know about or cleaner, it is pretty easy to get them to place orders. Each Jacuzzi should be cleaned after every use. To determine potential, take the number of tubs in the location and multiply by $1.50 to $2 per tub. Many locations have 6 to 100's of tubs so the dollar amount adds up quickly. We can ship product and pay you a commision.

Target clients

Hotels, resorts, bed & breakfast, vacation rental homes

Product description

Cleaning chemicals

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    Chemical sales to lodging industry

    Espyre LLC

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