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BPO Services for Title Insurance domain for US Market

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About the company


NobleServe is a Niche IT and BPO company. We specialize in Title Insurance and US Mortgage domain. We have offices in Pittsburgh, USA and multiple offshore locations.

Assignment description

Title Insurance is a part of the real estate in US. We are a niche BPO company specializing in Title Insurance domain. We offer end to end services to providers of Title Insurance in US Market.

Profile requirements

The Sales Freelancer should be familiar with the Title Insurance space in the US market. The person should understand the key players in the industry, and the role a BPO organization can play in the same. He/she should be able to articulate the value proposition of our unique platforms created for Title Insurance space.

Target clients

Our key client base is the Head of Operations in a Title Insurance organization, which is looking to reduce the cost of the operations. In the Title Insurance business, operations cost form a very significant portion of the premium collected. Hence any opportunity to reduce the operations is welcome by the Head of Operations. We have innovative OCR platforms using which we can reduce the cost of operations, and ensure up to 97% accuracy.

Product description

We are a BPO organization. We specialize in Title Insurance domain. We offer BPO services which reduces the operations cost for Title Insurance operators.

Additional information

10 - 20 %

We provide one time commission on the SOW value.

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      BPO Services for Title Insurance domain for US Market


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