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About the company


BosNinja strives to provide quality products to the outdoor enthusiast and hobbyist, in order to provide a sustainable, reliable income to our shareholders.
It is important to the shareholders to build a business that they and their employees and business partners enjoy working with. This business values the following:
• We respect each other: We will create a pleasant work environment for employees. We will not infringe upon employees’ personal time.
• We are dependable: We honor our commitments to each other and to our customers. We do not make commitments that we cannot keep.
• We deliver at a consistent standard: We will put in place processes that allow for consistent standards of quality as required by our customer and applicable authorities. We will not compromise our minimum standards.

Assignment description

Our primary market segments are retail and wholesale. For the wholesale market we target manufacturers of the equipment that our textile covers will protect as well as retail outlets. In all cases the end consumer is the outdoor enthusiast and hobbyist. It is our ambition to also target commercial users of outdoor tactical equipment, such as security companies and the military; however we do not yet have a marketing strategy for this. We have combined our experience, expertise and common passion for hunting and outdoor life to start this brand for everyone and anyone that loves to feel the crisp fresh air of our natural heritage, that places each footstep carefully while stalking, that longs for the first sight of light in the bush and the last breath of day and that wants to protect their equipment that makes these experiences priceless.

Profile requirements

Independent sales agents

Target clients

• Hunting and outdoor retailers
• Optic Manufacturers
• Limited purchasing power as our product is significantly cheaper and higher quality than current alternatives
• Not brand sensitive as buyers apply their own brand to the product
• Extremely quality
• Buying seasons are very important

Product description

We plan to focus on our Neoprene Sublimated hunting equipment protective covers. Customers will be attracted to the BosNinja product in two classes, being (1) our high-volume quality manufactured products which we sell at a competitive price and (2) our bespoke low-volume products with customized patterns and designs.

Hunting and Outdoor Equipment Covers
Creative Concealment and Protection

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