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Excellent commissions offered to agents with good business connections to sell video-learning content to medium-large enterprises.

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About the company

Movey Ltd

Movey is a UK established video agency that has the expertise to convert traditional learning content into powerful video learning that can be used in many ways including; content for a Learning Management System or as a Standalone “How To” Video resource to support employee autonomy and productivity.

We started as a video production company but quickly realised that video creation is only one part of the puzzle. We needed to make sure the videos were placed in front of the right audience and communicating the client’s message effectively. We also needed to analyse carefully how the video was being watched to ensure that we constantly improved future content.

Movey can now create & place content on a wide range of platforms including; Online, Social Media, Cinema, Digital Signage, TV Broadcast and on-demand (ITV, SKY, CH4) including full Clearcast and Advertising Standards approval.

Assignment description

Movey is looking for sales agents and resellers with great business connections to promote video learning into key sectors.
Sectors of activity to include but not exclusive to:

- Pharmaceutical
- Engineering
- Food and Drink
- Industrial
- Chemical industry etc...

These are generally large contracts that help companies communicate effectively and efficiently with clients and staff.

Profile requirements

Agents won’t necessarily need to have a background in Video or Learning is will be more important to have good connections and an understanding of how their clients communicate with and train their staff.

Target clients

Video learning is great for organisations that have a lot of employees they need to train for a wide range of reasons. This includes health & safety compliance, business skills and how to ensure best practice is followed throughout their business processes.

Examples of video learning:
- Employee induction
- Apprenticeship training
- Employee learning & development
- Professional qualifications (CPD)
- Leadership skills - Mentoring
- Office systems - Best practice
- Product assembly
- Machine maintenance
- Health and Safety at work
- User guides

Product description

Movey has the expertise to helps clients to create video resources to be used in employee learning and development. Our service includes consultation, Idea Development, Storyboarding, Video Production, Video Hosting and User Analytics.

Additional information

10 - 20 %

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    Excellent commissions offered to agents with good business connections to sell video-learning content to medium-large enterprises.

    Movey Ltd

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