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Sales Agents Wanted To Promote the Envirusafe Products To Businesses Across The UK

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About the company


Envirusafe provides a range of ozone sanitising equipment that helps provide protection against the coronavirus.

Ozone is the most powerful disinfectant known to man and destroys COVID-19 in the air and on any surface, beginning its work on contact with viruses and other bacteria.

Ozone is a gas that is heavier than air. It cannot be stored and is therefore manufactured at the point of need. Not only is it proven to kill 99% of all viruses and bacteria but it will also destroy mould spores and and is and effective deodoriser.

Used in water and food treatment and food processing for many years it is now being used in the fight against coronavirus in many situations to protect staff and customers in various different working environments.

Envirusafe products are designed and made in the UK.

Assignment description

We are looking for Sales Agents that have an existing client base to work with us to promote our small range of ozone generators.

Protecting staff and customers during this pandemic and in the future is paramount and the more we can do to reduce the risk of infection the faster we are going to be able to get over this dreadful situation pandemic and return to some sort of normality.

An efficient cleaning regime is one of the most effective ways to beat the virus and stop it spreading.

EnVIRUSafe Ozone Generators and sanitising units can help in these efforts providing an extra layer of protection for both staff and customers most environments.

Ozone provides a very fast and extremely effective way to disinfect, sterilise and sanitise the air and any objects that it touches.

We are working with various businesses across the UK helping them to better protect the health and lives of their staff and customers.

Ozone is the most powerful disinfectant on the planet and yet few people know about it.

Ozone has been used for over 120 years industrially and commercially to sanitise, sterilise and disinfect medical rooms and equipment, operating theatres, commercial fishing trawlers, breweries and food processing plants. It is also used as an effective deodoriser, removing bad, hard to treat smells.

Our job is to educate people on the power of ozone and the protection it can provide against the coronavirus. .

Profile requirements

We are looking for experienced sales agent that already have a client base that would benefit from using our small but effective range of ozone generators in their business.

Target clients

All businesses where there is a flow of customers and clients or where staff congregate should be using ozone as part of their cleaning regime as it is paramount to help keep down the rate of infection and spread of the coronavirus.
The following are some business that are using Envirusafe ozone generators as part of their cleaning regime. 
Care Homes and Medical Centres
Bus, Coach and Taxi Companies
Serviced Offices, Workshops and Factories
Schools, Colleges & Day Care Centres
Conference Centres & Meeting Rooms
Shops, Bars and Restaurants
Hotels, Airbnb
Campsites and Caravan Parks
Sport Centres and Gyms
Hair and Beauty Salons
Alternative Therapy and Treatment Rooms 
Waiting Rooms, Reception Areas, Communal Kitchens and Dining Rest Areas. 

Product description

We provide a small and yet effective range of Ozone generators.

Trickle treatment - These units are wall mounted and designed to run 24/7 providing ongoing protection in areas like communal kitchens, toilets, wash rooms, waiting rooms, hallways and passages.

Shock Treatment - The larger units are used to produce large amounts of ozone and help to sanitise equipment including PPE and disinfect larger spaces.

Additional information

10 - 18 %

plus bonuses

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    Sales Agents Wanted To Promote the Envirusafe Products To Businesses Across The UK


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