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About the company

drengot srl

Surrounded by a hilly and sunny land, a vineyard grows with unique characteristics and full of history. It is the Asprinio di Aversa, a white variety traditionally grown on typical Aversan trees.

The vine, "married" to poplars, extends its branches to the sky up to 20 meters in height. This type of cultivation gives rise to a wine characterized by a remarkable acidity and a sweet citrus aroma, with a distinctly dry, fresh and pleasant taste in the mouth. Asprinio would have animated the warm summer evenings of Pope Paul III Farnese during his travels in Campania. Sante Lancerio, sommelier of His Holiness, tells us that Pope Paul III Farnese used Asprinio as a refreshing drink, allowing himself a drink before falling asleep.

Assignment description

Drengot is an Italian winery located in the hinterland of Aversa, in one of the most beautiful countries in southern Italy, embraced by the sun.

What we do
We produce wine and spumante from the precious vine that touches the sky: L'asprinio.
We bring unique and unique products to life to satisfy the most demanding and refined palates.

We believe that our history is written in our traditions and we contribute with our value to shape our future by producing the best white wine and spumante on the planet.

People do not just buy our product but also our own values.

Profile requirements

The company drengot is looking for commercial agents in sparkling wines and wines in the following fields, with the following requirements:

Experience in the field of at least 2 years
Reading and processing of statistical data
Skills planning and sales coordination
Sales network already active

Target clients

high level restaurants

Product description

High quality wine and spumante

Additional information

12 - 15 %


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            sales agent for wines and luxury spumante

            drengot srl

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