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About the company

Lediator Ltd

We operate Representative sales network for our principals, support reps, operate a sales platform, logistics, buyer funding and multiple other services reducing friction and barriers from international B2B trade

Assignment description

Hotels and Spas are constantly looking for solutions for Customer Experience enhancements that set them apart from competition, increase loyalty, grow their presence in social media and provide new revenue streams. HUMU is a solution to all of the above. We have learned that especially professionals who travel alone highly value relaxation and the quality of sleep, find HUMU to be an excellent and highly appreciated service.

We are now looking for Sales Freelancers who know Hotel and/or Spa business and have existing client relationships in this sector to represent HUMU in EU, UAE, and DUBAI to begin with. English language skills is a mandatory requirement.

Profile requirements

You know hotel/spa business and already buyer contacts and relationship

Target clients

Hotels and Spas

Product description

The product is HUMU Feelxound Cushion that provides an extraordinary multisensory audio experience by combining the sense of touch to high quality stereo surround audio, perfect with music, movies and games. This patented innovation started from Vibroacustic therapy, in which Sounds and Vibration are used to reduce stress, pain, muscular tension, and improve the quality of life. While these therapeutic qualities make this product already revolutionary, its immersive audio experience makes it really memorable and addictive.

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    Sales Freelancers to sell to HOTELS and SPAS

    Lediator Ltd

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