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About the company

MyTeamConnector Software Pte Ltd

MyTeamConnector is a fully integrated Software Development Company.

At MyTeamConnector we are championing the process of "Integrating the Value Chain"​ and connecting ALL stakeholders across a Company, it's suppliers and customers.

Our Software Solutions are engineered by a team of professionals, entrepreneurs, business and team builders and corporate executives from multinational companies.

MTC Solutions create and promote fast, real-time, multi-device (mobile & desktop) access to ALL members of the value chain and makes relevant data accessible and process-able at anytime, from anywhere and by any-one who has validated access rights to the information.

It is our aim to truly enable a holistic approach to include as many stakeholders as desired to enable optimum cooperation between coworkers, colleagues, suppliers, logistic partners and customers.

In the process our solutions achieve the elimination of communication bottlenecks and enables a natural form of communication across all relevant parties and positions within the company.

MyTeamConnector Software Suits will enable your business to move from a "centralized"​ to a "decentralized"​ work-environment and therefore achieve a much improved workflow.

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Assignment description

Boost your sales by unleashing the power of MTC Sales & Marketing Automation that connect your customers to your people through CRM, POS

Streamline your business operation and reduce overhead cost with efficient inventory, accounting and workforce management

With Real-time tracking and reporting MTC PoD helps to manage last-mile delivery efficiently and keep operation team and customers satisfied

Add Ons
MTC can help you to build intuitive and feature-rich websites and mobile apps that engage your customers and improve ROI.

MTC is a highly innovative Company with working Blockchain Technologies and Fortune 500 Customers already using our solutions. Now we are looking for growth and mass market application.

Profile requirements

Independent sales Agent

Target clients

Distribution and Wholesale Companies
Service Companies
Industrial and Production Companies
Technical and Facility Management Companies

Product description

MTC Job Tracker
MTC Field and Service Management Solution
CRM / ERP Solution
Next Generation Business Solutions
Accounting Solutions
BlockChain Service Solution

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    Connect Every Point Of Any Business With MTC

    MyTeamConnector Software Pte Ltd

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