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New Business Star to sell Quality HR Management Software, IRELAND

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About the company

TimePlan Software Limited

The company provides Workforce management software to large and medium sized businesses through a licensing agreement, including time registration/HR functionalities & Analytics.

Current customers include IKEA, ECCO shoes, LIDL, NETTO, ToysRUs, ...

With TimePlan, we combine solid experience and proven software to provide a strong transformation towards best in class online workforce management.

TimePlan is the result of 20+ years of experience handling work hours and employment laws across 25 countries. From the outset, TimePlan has been developed in close collaboration with our customers, always addressing their needs and the local laws they operate within.

TimePlan provides your employees, department managers, HR departments, wage departments, analysts, and controllers with structure and overview in their everyday lives.

Employees have online access to TimePlan through the Web App, where they have real time overview of their work schedules, holidays, accumulated work hours, etc. Also, employees can easily communicate about their schedule, absence, requested work hours, and other HR matters.

Assignment description

We are looking for a Freelance sales person who can generate new business opportunities for our HR management software in the UK and IRELAND. We are active in many countries but would like more focus in the UK and IRELAND.

Our current clients include
- ToysRUs
- ALLBORG airport
- ECCO shoes
- LIDL supermarkets

We are offering 20% commissions on all sales

Profile requirements

Somebody who has sales and knowledge of the HR sector that can sell the benefits of our software. We will provide as much support as possible, along with any marketing materials required.

Target clients

All industries with employees
- Retail
- Healthcare
- Hotels
- Restaurants/Cafes

Product description

Time Registration
HR Management

Additional information

20 - 20 %

20% of the license value for first 12 months

Sales assistanceTrainingWeb site


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Reference : 642576

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New Business Star to sell Quality HR Management Software, IRELAND

TimePlan Software Limited

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