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About the company

C-Journy BV

Creating Customer Experiences. Human Centered. Mobile First.

We work together with your customers. Sometimes hundreds, sometimes thousands and sometimes millions of them. The question is, what do you want them to do?
What we can do for you, depends on your business goal. Or your personal KPI’s. Whatever these are, we focus on your customer’s perceptions, actions and expectations, from start to finish.

Assignment description

We are looking for an agent to cover sales from within Germany. We currently do all of the sales from Amsterdam en did a few projects. Now the time is there to get real foot on the ground.

Profile requirements

Feels comfortable, has experience, in talking to, Advertising agencies, Marketing (boards), HR and Innovation

Target clients

Philips, Bosch, Danone, etc..

Product description

Customer Experience: Do you want people to try and recommend your product? We get people from our panel to enjoy it, share their experience and collect feedback.

Employee Engagement: Do you want to share a new way of working?We engage your employees with great onboarding and learning experiences they enjoy.

Value Propositions: Do you need evidence to improve your customer experience? We set up experiments to validate your value proposition and create brand ambassadors at the same time.

Additional information

10 - 15 %

on Net sales

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    Sales Lead Germany

    C-Journy BV

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