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Sales agents with established business contacts - CYBACADEMY - Essential for every business - 30% commissions

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About the company


GoldPhish is a web-based cyber security consulting company helping businesses protect themselves, their data, and their employees against today’s online threat. We have offices in both UK and SA.

Our approach to cyber risk management for businesses is a simple one: we help businesses of all sizes UNDERSTAND the risk through online education and awareness, we help them ASSESS the basic security hygiene of their own organisation and their supply chain through an online security assessment platform, and finally, we help them MANAGE their security risk with regular vulnerability scanning of their networks and web apps.

Assignment description

Have you got experience selling to high level management?

GOLDPHISH is offering a great commission package to experienced Sales Agents or Distributors with established networks and sales channels to sell CybACADEMY licenses to established businesses.

GoldPhish has designed CybACADEMY, a cloud-based cyber security education platform, to help businesses of all sizes change employee behaviour with high-impact eLearning courses and continuous awareness training. Empower and educate your customer's employees and executives about emerging cyber security risks.

Profile requirements

Experience in IT or particularly Information/Cyber Security would be great but not essential. It is important that sales agents have experience selling to high level management. More times than not it is the Head of Compliance, Head of HR, Head of Training that will be making purchasing decisions for our products, and not IT employees.

Target clients

Our client base includes a range of "at-risk" SME's, such as accounting firms, law firms, and insurance firms, as well as larger international organisations across a range of industries. Distribution of our products is predominantly being managed by Reseller Partners that we have established in the UK, South Africa, and Australasia.

In reality, ALL companies are at risk from cyber security threats, especially those that manage personal information or rely heavily on IT-based business critical systems

Product description

CybACADEMY is a convenient, scalable and fully integrated web-based cyber security learning platform.

Developed by GoldPhish, you can host, manage and measure all your e-learning courses, awareness campaign products, blog content and news articles. With individual login access, employees will feel comfortable browsing the platform with its user-friendly navigation and simple layout to discover assigned courses and educational material.

Our blended learning programme consists of a full annual communications lifecycle: including engaging e-learning, regular infographics, consistent messaging, posters and nano-learning modules, introduced to customer employees throughout the year.

The two multi-module eLearning Courses hosted on the platform are:

Cyber Risk Management (CRM) - aimed at educating and raising the awareness of senior executives and risk managers in the organisation.

Cyber Security Awareness (CSA) - aimed at educating ALL end users within the organisation to recognise and take action against the growing cyber threat. "Developing human firewalls through education".

Our BE CYBAWARE annual awareness campaign delivers regular messaging and tools to the end users over a 12 month period, to help change behaviour and build a secure culture in the workplace.

Additional information

10 - 30 %

30% of Turnover on New Business. 10% of Turnover on Repeat Business. 10% of Turnover on sales to Resellers.

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Sales agents with established business contacts - CYBACADEMY - Essential for every business - 30% commissions


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