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Top quality, profitable handicraft Italian / Finnish children brands seeking the sales deal with top quality sales agents in North America, Europe, Russia etc.

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About the company

Finance Network Ltd

Finance Network Ltd is the Finnish company who currently is the owner of two old children wear brands, Tepsut and Rasavil. Both brands are super high quality Finnish clothing and footwear since 40 years production in Finland. Tepsut and Rasavil are producing super top quality first step shoes, sandals and winter boots, and luxury heavy duty outer wear for kids.

Tepsut is the Finnish best quality design for children first step sandals and shoes. Nowadays shoes are made by Italian handicraft in Italy that can provide the best quality leather shoes for kids. Because of top design and unique last, all Tepsut regular shoes help children learn stand and walk properly and correct the position of feet and ankles if needed. Sandals are also made as orthopedic medical version that are used by physiotherapists and hospitals.

Rasavil clothing is top quality heavy duty outer wear for children. Rasavil clothing is Finnish design from extreme weather conditions. Clothing is heavy duty durable, light and warm, wind and waterproof and breathable. In outer wear Rasavil is proud exclusively to present the pattern of the Finnish Designer PaaPii, whose patterns for inner wear are extreme success all over the world!

Both brands have been successful because of extreme high quality standards with no compromising. Yet have we been able to keep the pricing very reasonable. Both brand's products Tepsut and Rasavil, keep their value and are transferable to sisters and cousins after the first user and are valuable even as used items.

Beside of the best possible European quality control we value nature, recycling and ethics. All our products are made in Europe. Our factories in Finland, Estonia and Italy have very high standards for work conditions and over all quality. Factories use only the best qualities for every item to guarantee the long life of the product and the most satisfied customers.

Assignment description

Finland and Italy are well known for the highest quality in design and handicraft. Finnish design joins Italian handicraft as we present our top quality brands for children outer wear and footwear. TEPSUT and RASAVIL have kept their best quality in production for 40 years. We can provide unique, heavy duty handicraft luxury products that has been used by extreme satisfied customers for decades in Finland and other Scandinavia.

Finance Network Ltd as a owner of the brands is looking for experienced children wear sales agents with good relationships from especially North America (US & Canada) to present the quality of Finnish design to the top distributors in your area.

This is rare and unique possibility to bring something better and totally new to the market. We guarantee the satisfaction of your clients and therefor top earnings. As every product is hand made in Europe, we do not sell bulk. Do you want to be the one to bring TEPSUT and RASAVIL to the stores in your area exclusively? Every edition is limited because of the quality control and small European factories. With these products you have something different to offer!

Target clients

TEPSUT sandals are made in sizes 18-26, shoes and winter boots in sizes 18-30 EUR sizing. RASAVIL overalls, jackets and trousers are from newborn up to big kids in school. The clients of the products are parents and grandmas of every kid. Sandals are the most sold items, used inside and outside all around the year. Winter boots and heavy clothing are ment to be worn during winter season, lighter outerwear can be used spring / autumn season.

Products are sold in department stores and smaller stores for children wear, and in footwear stores.

Product description

Highest quality children wear and footwear that guarantees the satisfaction of retailers and customers.

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    Top quality, profitable handicraft Italian / Finnish children brands seeking the sales deal with top quality sales agents in North America, Europe, Russia etc.

    Finance Network Ltd

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