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Customized Apps for Automotive Dealerships

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About the company

Insight Innovations LLC

We are a global software company with offices in US, Portugal and Andorra.

We build and publish custom enterprise mobile apps for business to connect with customers.

Each brand app is powered by Connect - our digitalization platform.

Connect platform is a software to make iOS, Android, web, Win, osX and *nix apps.

Apps are customized to match the name and the branding of business.

Assignment description

We are looking for active professionals to tell automotive dealerships about a new opportunity to improve sales with a branded dealership app:

Profile requirements

We are looking for a strong tech sales with b2b IT sales background. We will provide with the necessary sales materials and a database of leads.

Target clients

US and Canadian car dealerships. Currently servicing California, Florida, Texas, New York and both Carolina states.

Product description

Our company provides app publishing and app marketing services. We produce custom apps for clients, powered by Connect Platform - a digitalization system for enterprise.

Additional information

20 - 20 %

20% from the first check, then 10% from each following check for keeping the client within reach (upsell incentivized separately).

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    • California
    • Florida
    • New York
    • North Carolina


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    Customized Apps for Automotive Dealerships

    Insight Innovations LLC

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