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Whats-OUT! Loyalty numeric solution for retail businesses

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About the company

Direct Marketing Solution

Sales solutions to increase revenus for retail businesses

Whats-OUT! Loyalty solution increase the level purchase of the 80% customers that buy the less (Pareto law - 80% of a retail business buy only 20% of the sales).

Assignment description

Whats-OUT! is offered in 4 subscriptions levels: $49 - $99 - $149 - $269 (CAD).

The merchant customers, can download the App for free, on App Store and Google Play

Example of revenu for a REP.
Our most popular subscription plan is $149. You will earn a commission of 20%, or $29.80 EACH MONTH ! And if you act also as the account manager for this same customer, you will get 20% more, so $29.80 more EACH MONTH ! When a customer pay for 1 year he get 2 month free.

So, for 1 subscription at $149 a month, you will earn as seller and account manager, 40% or, $59.60 per month, and $596.00 per year.

With only 100 subscribers on $149 per month :
you will earn $59,600.00 per year!

Is up to you to decide your revenu level.

Profile requirements

Independent sales agents working in the retail sector. We are also looking for ENTREPRENEURS who can build a sales team and develop Whats-OUT! to make it a business, having an income in the 6 figures.

Target clients

Retail businesses: cinema-restaurant-coffee-store-accommodation-cleaner-hair salon-bar-museum-amusement park-zoo-and all others you can imagine

Product description

Whats-OUT! is a complete numeric loyalty solution for retail businesses.

The tools include CRM, push messages (not spam) geofencing, beacon, loyalty card ( stamps-points-VIP level point), coupon, events,and many more tools.

No contract to be signed by the merchant. He pay per month and he can stop without any fee.

Customers always start with the lowest subcription at $49, and the first 4 months are $25 off. So the merchant spend only $24 for each of the first 4 months.

It's a no brainer.

$24 to see the power of Whats-OUT !

The $49 subscription is good for a maximum of 25 customers in the CRM.
Then the merchant will upgrade to the $99 subcription good for a maximum of 1,000 customers. The upgrade is without any fee.
Finaly the majority of the merchant will opt for the $149 subscription good for a maximum of 2,500 customers, in the CRM.

The businesses we're focusing on always have between 1,000 and 2,500 customers, that's the reason the most popular subscription is $149

Additional information

20 - 40 %

If you only sell 20%. Seller and account manager 40%

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                                        Whats-OUT! Loyalty numeric solution for retail businesses

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