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About the company


TERMOPLASTICA SGHEDONI S.P.A., based in the heart of the Ceramic District of Sassuolo, has been operating in the flexible plastic packaging sector since 1973.
For over 40 years it has served the most important and prestigious ceramic industries, but not only. It offers solutions for all those companies that want to protect their products effectively and safely during handling, storage and transport on pallets.
Over the years it has expanded its customer portfolio and the sectors of application of its products today are manifold, from chemicals to building adhesives, from cements to paints, from cereals to feed, to food & beverage in general.

Assignment description

For some years TERMOPLASTICA SGHEDONI has also been operating with satisfaction on foreign markets, both in Europe and in other regions.
With a view to expanding the Export sector, we are looking for sales agents, to whom we can entrust the promotion of our products, in particular the STRETCH HOOD type of packaging that is spreading very quickly thanks to its lightness characteristics but at the the same time of robustness and performance, and on which the company strongly focuses on the future.

The company is open to various types of collaboration and also to stipulate contracts of exclusivity, offering commissions of interest and negotiable according to the countries and opportunities.

Profile requirements

We are looking for dynamic profiles with good communication skills, with a predisposition to flexibility and used to work with small and medium-sized companies that make quality and customer service their strengths.

Given the range of opportunities offered by the product, specific knowledge of a single sector is not required, but rather the desire to grow and increase the business.

Target clients

The sectors of application of our products, and in particular of the stretch hood are various, for example:
- Ceramic (both tiles and sanitary fixtures)
- Bricks
- Cements
- Lime and Gessi
- Building adhesives
- Dyes and paints
- Chemistry in general
- Fertilizers and fertilizers
- Cereals, Flours, Feeds
- Wood pellets
- Bottling industry
- Canning industry
- Others

Product description

Besides the STRETCH HOOD, the production of TERMOPLASTICA SGHEDONI also includes:
- the SHRINK FILM (in different formats: in foil, in pre-cut caps, tubular reels, etc.), and
- the STRETCH FILM (with various degrees of pre-stretching), which further increase the range of applications and sectors that can be penetrated.

Additional information


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                          Search for sales agents of STRETCH HOOD (packaging sector)

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