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Consumer Pollution Masks (chemo, allergy, asthma, CF, COPD) - Cambridge Mask Co

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About the company

Cambridge Mask Co

Did you know that 93% of the global population are breathing air that doesn’t meet WHO standard right now? As well as this, there are millions of people cycling on polluted roads and patients with low immune systems who need masks.

We have produced the worlds best consumer focused pollution mask to help adults and children all over the world guarantee their air quality. Our masks use advanced filter technology developed by the British military for chemical, nuclear and biological warfare protection, for which we hold the exclusive global rights to masks. They come in sizes for the whole family, last for 3-6 months of use and can be custom branded with any logos or patterns.

Our company was founded in 2015 and has sold to customers in over 70 countries. We sell to governments, hospitals, schools and corporate clients such as RB (owner of Durex and Dettol). We have also worked with British Airways, Bank of China and Aviva Insurance on a range of projects. Most recently we became the official mask supplier to the Police department of Nepal.

The company is now ready to start assertively pushing further growth opportunities and we are seeking sales professionals who can help find us new partnerships.

Assignment description

We are seeking sales professionals to help expand our distribution network globally. We have sold in over 70 countries from Chile to Mongolia. 93% of people globally live somewhere with bad air, so there is universal need. We sell to a wide range of verticals from medical to education and government.

Our main focus currently in expanding offline medical sales. We have a growing demand from hospitals as well as other clinics and NGOs looking to protect people with low immune systems.

Profile requirements

We are seeking talented sales professionals with experience of the medical sector. You should be comfortable using a range of outbound sales techniques and managing your own funnel.

Target clients

1) People with medical issues who need a mask eg asthma, allergy, doing chemotherapy etc

2) People worried about urban air pollution risks (7 million people per year die from air pollution, more than all murder, suicides and car fatalities combined)

3) Cyclists worried about air pollution from exhaust fumes

4) Travelers on planes/trains/busses worried about catching bugs or traveling to other countries where air pollution is a concern, eg China

We are currently more focused on people who have medical need for a mask, e.g. anyone doing chemo or who has chronic illness or low immune system.

Product description

We have 2 lines of masks BASIC and PRO. The BASIC filters particulate pollution and is the perfect entry level option for anyone worried about clean air.

The PRO uses military filter technology to remove nearly 100% of all bacteria, viruses, particulate and gas pollution.

The masks come in 5 sizes for adults and children and a range of fashion friendly designs. They meed NIOSH standards for N99 as well as federal regulations for child safety. We also meet the EU's EN194 for CE marking and FDA requirements in Korea and Thailand.

Additional information

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Paid after a deal is closed and paid for

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                      Consumer Pollution Masks (chemo, allergy, asthma, CF, COPD) - Cambridge Mask Co

                      Cambridge Mask Co

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