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About the company


RevenueBuilder is a specialist consulting company delivering sales and business development services to companies in technology and innovation industries.

Assignment description

We are RevenueBuilder—a specialist B2B sales development agency for companies in the business of innovation: • SaaS and Cloud Solutions • Digital Marketing Platforms • Drone Technology • Digital Video Seeding • Conversion Optimisation Systems.

This role is not just commission-based, it also has a base pay and bonus. See more detail below.

You will need to work hours that align with the Eastern Australian time zone. The role requires 25 hours per week on an ongoing, long-term basis.

See more about us here:

And why our clients love us here:

We have been doing great work in sales and marketing campaigns since 2008, and our clients love the results we deliver. Right now, we are entering the next phase of our international growth and we're seeking to employ 3 committed, assertive and pro-active B2B telesales professionals to join our small global team.

We’d like to hire people who are looking for a long-term role with us that will grow and be satisfying for the right applicants. Please do not apply if you just want something casual and short-term or some easy at-arms-length gig. We have had many people from freelancing websites apply for jobs with us, but once the job starts, they have been unreliable, often uncontactable during agreed hours, and unwilling to really commit. If this is you, then please do not apply.

To be successful in this role you must have at least 3 years experience specifically selling B2B software, digital marketing services, advertising or marketing services, or technology in the corporate sector. It's important that you enjoy selling and lead generation. If you find this work difficult and you're reluctant to make a high volume of calls, then please do not apply.

We pay well because we are serious, we have optimised and established good systems, and we are good, reliable people who value hard work and focus. We are NOT like a lot of so-called companies on freelance sites who make big claims about commission only work, and we do NOT expect people to work for free, ever!

We are fair, we operate with integrity and we work intelligently to achieve great results for our clients and we expect the same from you. We only work with people who are equally as serious about this as we are.

Profile requirements

The pay, hours and terms are as follows:


25 hours per week, 5 hours every day Monday-Friday.
$10 per hour = base pay of $250 per week for only 25 hours work.


Depending on your performance, you will receive the following bonuses every week:

Base Level Bonus is $100 per week:
You receive this for hitting your Base Level Target of 15 qualified leads in one week. This brings your weekly earnings to $350.

Good Level Bonus is an EXTRA $120 per week:
You receive this bonus when you hit your Good Level Target of 25 qualified leads in one week. This brings your weekly earnings to $470.

High Performer Level Bonus is an EXTRA $120 per week:
You receive this bonus when you hit your High Performer Level Target of 35 qualified leads in one week. This brings your weekly earnings to $590.

If you exceed 35 qualified leads in one week, we will offer a further bonus payment at that time. We want to encourage great performance, and we like to reward it.

To be successful in this role you must:

• Have at at least 3 years experience selling B2B tech/marketing/software;
• Be a native English speaker ;
• Be able to work 5 hours each weekday in Australian Eastern Standard timezone;
• Be looking for a long-term role that you can commit to;
• Be excited about joining a small global team, and interacting via video calls;
• Have a telephony system that enables you to make international calls;
• Be experienced in using;
• Have experience using Google Docs and file sharing systems;
• Be experienced in telemarketing, making at least 12 cold calls per hour;
• Have a mature, confident and assertive telephone sales approach;
• Be happy to participate in our group video conference calls once each day.

Your job is to make a high volume of outbound calls each day, qualify leads and be very clear on the difference between a real qualified lead and one that still needs more work to become truly qualified. Our focus is on producing genuine, solid leads for our clients.

We provide you with a list of contacts to call each week, and you will have access to our Salesforce CRM where all information is recorded. It is up to you to get the person’s email address, as we usually do not supply this to you.

You will then have conversations with those people, using a series of questions to qualify them, and you will then hand the qualified lead over to your manager by conference call and email intro, and we will follow up from there.

Target clients

Variety of businesses, small to large, mostly in Australia and the US. Industries include technology, marketing and digital services.

Product description

We sell multiple services, from sales strategy, to design and marketing, to digital video distribution, as well as drone technology.

Additional information

$600 per week avg

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          Looking for B2B Telemarketing Lead Gen Professional


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