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2 world wide patents looking for a sales agent in USA

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About the company

Oxylus d.o.o

Oxylus Ltd. is a company founded in 2006 with headquarters in Osijek, Croatia. We started modestly in the different branches of trade.
In 2013, we started the production and development of our own brand and thus we ensured new markets and partners. We consider that our partners trust is our greatest achievement.
We are engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of innovative chemical products for industry and other sectors of the economy. Expanding production and introducing new technologies, we have specialized in the fields of production and maintenance.
Our products are high quality, easy to use and safe. Innovative and attractive technology and manufacturing of the specific products according to the requirements and need, brings real results for the costumers.
By developing specific chemical products according to clients’ needs as a business service, we have opened a new chapter in our company. By bringing up these disciplines, we maximized the efficiency of our products, speed up the development, found solutions and create a fertile environment in which we can sell innovative results of our work.

Assignment description

We want to find a sales agent/company to distribute our patented products to USA.
We truly believe we have something amazing.
The challenge is great, but our goal is simple: business excellence. innovative and creative ideas, creation of products and services that will make a real difference.

Target clients

For our stanard product line end user is industry in general as we produce chemicals.

For our patents:
People in general
Many more...

Product description

Patent 1: perfume ( details to be explained.Not a special scent but the way it works )
Aplication field: hotels,wardrobe,cars and many more

Patent 2: odour elimination (details to be explained)
Aplication field: boats,campers,outdoor wc

Additional information

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    2 world wide patents looking for a sales agent in USA

    Oxylus d.o.o

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