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Major well-defined project to sell subsidised market-leading business telecommunications

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About the company

Solway Communications Limited

Telecommunications network builder, owner and operator. Internet Service Provider.

Solway Communications provides superfast broadband to Cumbria, giving users a guaranteed speed and covering homes, businesses and schools. A totally unlimited service, with symmetrical speeds, 99.9% uptime and 0.001% packet loss, this is a new kind of broadband for the demanding user of today’s internet.

For over three years now we have been helping small and medium enterprises (SME’s), schools and residential properties in Northwest Cumbria and Dumfriesshire and more are joining us every day.

Why? Well not only can we provide a service like no other, we are also local, accessible and understandable.

Above all, we are dedicated and professional – what we offer is what you get and that’s our promise. Contact the Solway team today.

Assignment description

We build own and operate high-performance telecommunication networks for businesses and homes.

The project is to sell Direct Internet Access (DIA) connections (sometimes know as "leased lines") to Small and Medium Enterprises in Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire, which is economically vibrant but suffers from poor telecommunications. DIA, a unique un-shared connection to the Internet , has always been the gold standard , affordable by major enterprises only. Now, more and more smaller businesses need DIA to be able to operate "in the cloud" and use large drawings and video files. For the first time DIA has become affordable and ours is the market-leading product

We are pre-qualified under a very recently announced pioneering Government scheme to subsidise truly high speed Internet connections for smaller businesses. The product is far superior to anything that BT, or any company that re-sells their connections, can offer, is usually significantly less expensive and is provided with far less delay.

The subsidy scheme will last for a year or two only, so initially we need a person to undertake a commission-based B2B selling project. We will provide a target customer list, dedicated landing pages on our web-site and a sustained marketing campaign in social media, by email and by post.

Profile requirements

Experienced B2B sales person capable of realising value quickly from a major geographically-defined, sector-defined and time-limited opportunity

Target clients

Small and medium enterprises in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

Product description

1,000 Meg Direct Internet Access

Additional information


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    Major well-defined project to sell subsidised market-leading business telecommunications

    Solway Communications Limited

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