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Commercial Agents and Distributors


An established local distributor is an excellent entry strategy for small and medium-sized enterprises. Whatever the size of the company, however, market knowledge and cultural characteristics are essential. A distributor positions the products and brands on the market, through advertising and promotion, and assistance after-sales service, which is increasingly important for UK customers. The criteria for choosing a commercial agent or not is related to the degree of risk that the company wants to take.

The points to be careful with

National laws governing the relations between the agent and the principal, furthermore the relation between distributor and supplier, are largely harmonized within the EU. The guidelines establish the rights and obligations of both parties. In the case of EU officials and their non-EU constituents, if the agreement was to fail, the law is generally in favour of the agent, who in any case, is entitled for compensation. It is therefore essential to check any potential agreement by a lawyer.

Motivating an Agent

The agents are remunerated by commission, while a distributor agreement applies when a margin is received when selling the goods. The Commission of an agent is generally lower than the distribution margins.

The Commission Structure

The register of British agents publishes guide for the agreements and also for the agency agreements, please see the website of the register of British agents. The European Council Directive 86/653 / EEC establishes the rights and obligations of the principal and his agent(s).

Breach of Contract

The register of British agents publishes guide to the agreements and agency agreements, please see for further information the website of the register of British agents.

Finding a Commercial Agent

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