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This is obviously the least expensive form for addressing and opening a new market.

The Points to Consider

- A status is different than Sales Representative (see model contract )
- The difficulty of finding an agent. 50,000 active agents are grouped into 68 "colleges" (remits) regional entitling them to practice the profession. These "colleges" are members of the CGAC (General Council of Colleges of Commercial Agents of Spain).

Elements of Motivation

The amount of compensation is an important component of motivation. Control and close contact may be necessary for the proper monitoring of the activity of the agent.

The commission

The remuneration of the agent can be a fixed amount, commission or a combination of both.

Breach of Contract

The agency agreement may be for a definite or indefinite period. The notice for an indefinite contract is one month per year of force of the contract with a maximum of 6 months. Council Directive 86/653 / EEC establishes the rights and obligations of the principal and his agent.

Finding a Commercial Agent

General Council of Colleges of Commercial Agents of Spain (
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