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The Marketing of Products in South Korea with a Sales Agent, Distributor or Importer

Commercial Agents and Distributors


It goes without saying that an agent based in South Korea will have the knowledge of the culture and the local language. Officers are appointed as a single agent for the entire country.
Please bear in mind that it is necessary to conduct a thorough study before hiring a sales agent in South Korea.

The points to be careful with

It is important to build a respective and good relationship. Signed contracts do not have a very significant value.

Motivating an Agent

Exclusivity, minimum sales indications, indicators of quality and sales efforts.

Frequent communication by email, telephone and regular visits to Korea or invitations to visit your country.

The Commission Structure

2.5 to 7% for normal transactions. 20% or more in the case of luxury items, or medical, laboratory and scientific analysis.

Breach of Contract
This depends on contract that has been drafted.

Finding a Commercial Agent
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