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The Marketing of Products in South Africa with a Sales freelancer, Distributor or Importer


It is important to know that South Africa is a fully open market, and it is part of World Trade Organization. The country is an excellent target for investors and for companies to trade with due to the stable democratic government, a rigorous financial system and regulated banking sector.

The points to be careful with

If there is not a contract between agent and principle, the amount of remuneration is structured as follows: regular agents, for example auctioneers, brokers, estate agents, and factors the amount is almost invariably calculated on a percentage basis.

Motivating an Agent

Independent sales representatives should be given promotional tools to be able to sell your products or services. It is important to build a real relationship with agents and distributors. This may well happen through e-mails and phone calls.

The Commission Structure

The principal must pay the agent the amount in the contract in a form of commission or remuneration. The agent is able to be remunerated only when the agreed task has been completed.
The amount of the compensation should be agreed in the contract. This may happen by agreement, explicitly or impliedly. The remuneration may be based on time spend on a mission, or as a percentage of the transaction. In the last case it is called commission.

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