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The Marketing of Products in Japan with a Sales freelancer, Distributor or Importer

Commercial Agents and Distributors


Realistic marketing strategy for small and medium sized enterprises. Import agents are often appointed sole agent for the entire country.

The points to be careful with

This approach requires taking great care in the selecting your representative.
It is important to build a personal relationship.

Motivating an Agent

It is recommended that companies provide written documents for the agents and distributors to help in sales. It goes without saying that building a strong relationship requires human contact. Visits to Japan should be foreseen by you and frequent calls by phone, e-mailing and using social media.

The Commission Structure

- From 5 to 10% for regular business transactions, and 10 to 20% for occasional transactions.
- 1 to 3% in the case of bulk materials (coal or minerals)
- 20% or more in the case of medical equipment, laboratory or scientific analysis.

Breach of Contract

There is no special comment here. Depending on the case, the foreign company may have to pay compensation.

Finding a Commercial Agent

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