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Marketing Products in France by a Commercial Agents, Distributors or Importers

Independent commercial intermediaries

The Independent Commercial agents in France

Using Independent Sales Force is realistic approach for small or medium sized businesses when entering into a new market.

The Points to Take into Consideration

The Agent should be selected according to her/his motivation, her/his interest in the product, and the range of products already in her/his portfolio. We recommend to verify the references of the Agent. It might well be that there is a need for additional commercial investments to well support the work of an Agent. The support material includes catalogues, product samples, etc.

Motivation of an Agent

The amount of commission is an important element to motivate sales force. The use of a competition system and competition between agents is sometimes practiced. Control and close contact may be necessary for the proper followed by the activity of the agent.

The commission

The commission agent is paid according to the turnover s/he achieves.

Breach of Contract

The termination of the agency contract is made on one month's notice in the first year, two months in the second year and three months in the third and following. The agent is entitled to compensation if s/he is not the cause of the breach of contract. Council Directive 86/653 / EEC establishes the rights and obligations of the principal and his agent.

Finding a Commercial Agent

The benchmark for French commercial agents :
The National Federation of commercial agents La fédération nationale des agents commerciaux
Sales France, independent sales network

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