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The Marketing of Products in BENELUX with a Sales Agent, Distributor or Importer

Commercial Agents and Distributors


Having an Independent representative of your company in the BENELUX market is flexible and there are no fixed costs involved.

A distributor or an agents position the products and brands on the market, through advertising and promotion, and offers assistance in after-sales service.

The points to be careful with

In case of breech of contract, the principle might need to pay penalties. Be aware that in Benelux are three countries with different cultures and languages.

Motivating an Agent

Companies should provide written documents for the agents and distributors to help in sales. It goes without saying that building a strong relationship requires regular contact.
In the Benelux market it is also recommended to have exclusivity clause. Commission structure should also be relevant to the products/services offered.

The Commission Structure

There are no fixed commission rates by law. Normally the commission structure varies between 5% and 30%.

Breach of Contract

Directive 86/653 / EEC sets minimum standards of protection for commercial agents. It establishes the rights and obligations of the agent's remuneration and the terms of conclusion and termination of a contract.

Finding a Commercial Agent

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