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What is the job of an independent sales agent?

An independent sales agent is a freelance sales representative, distributor or importer. They are self-employed. Rather than hiring them as employees you propose a business contract to the independent sales agent you want to work with. This means that you do not have to provide them with insurance, pension, vacation time or a salary. The remuneration for their work is usually commission based and negotiable. The sales agents will usually have existing relationships and connections with your target market, giving them the advantage of presenting your product directly to buyers and potential targeted customers.

Agents are well-established independent sales professionals. This type of professional will represent your brand in her/his portfolio to existing clients and new clients. Sales Agents can be seen as freelance sales force to build your company outside your own region. Agents are your independent sales representatives in your new target market. They are qualified by education and by experience to sell your products in their local market. They have the right language skills and the needed contacts to trade your products.
Remuneration: There is no fixed salary. Independent agents income is based on commissions.

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