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  • 1. What is the job of an independent sales agent?

    An independent sales agent is a freelance sales representative, distributor or importer. They are self-employed. Rather than hiring them as employees you propose a business contract to the independent sales agent you want to work with. This means that you do not have to provide them with insurance, pension, vacation time or a salary. The remuneration for their work is usually commission based and negotiable. The sales agents will usually have existing relationships and connections with your target market, giving them the advantage of presenting your product directly to buyers and potential targeted customers.

    Agents are well-established independent sales professionals. This type of professional will represent your brand in her/his portfolio to existing clients and new clients. Sales Agents can be seen as freelance sales force to build your company outside your own region. Agents are your independent sales representatives in your new target market. They are qualified by education and by experience to sell your products in their local market. They have the right language skills and the needed contacts to trade your products.
    Remuneration: There is no fixed salary. Independent agents income is based on commissions.

  • 2. What is the legal status of a sales agent?

    The legal status of the independent sales agent depends on the country the agent is based in. To get more detailed information on country specific differences please refer to our country specific questions.

  • 3. What is the job of an independent distributor?

    A distributor is an in-between entity between a manufacturer of a merchandise and the end-client. End client may well be for example a shop or a retailor. The distributor takes an operational role on behalf of the producer. They are active in educating their clients and might put up a marketing campaign.
    Remuneration: Often distributors charge service fees or they demand a percentage of the net sales for representation of your brand. They are your local sales staff and therefore demand pay in relating to the amount to their efforts and results of promoting the company’s products.

    A distributor is essentially a reseller. He buys your products and sells them to retailers, end users and customers and thus is in charge of selling your products and services on a specific market.

  • 4. What is the job of an independent importer?

    An importer is the person/company that handles the import of your products into another country. They are responsible to make an import declaration and take care of paying duties (if any). Besides they stock the good they bought.
    Remuneration: Importer defines the selling price and takes their margins from the goods they sold.

    As the name suggests an importer is the person/company that handles the import of your products into another country. They are responsible to make an import declaration and take care of paying duties (if any).

  • 5. What is the job of an independent sales representative?

    A sales representative contacts and meets retailers and end customers to present your products or services. They are usually very well connected on their local market and thus can create business opportunities in the name of your brand (company). If they close a deal they touch a certain commission based on the total value of the deal.


  • 1. What is is a worldwide sales agents network helping companies and sales agents to get in touch with each other.’s prime advantage is the global focus. We have a profound expertise in connecting international and local companies with independent sales agents.

  • 2. Who uses’s services is used by independent sales agents -importers, distributors and sales representatives - as well as companies from all over the world. Companies create ads on and are searching for different kinds of sales agents on various markets. The opportunities offered are lucrative for both sides. Producers expand their market reach whilst agents are able to offer a new product on their portfolio. Besides sales agents receive commissions based on their success.

  • 3. What does do? is a platform where sales agents and companies search for partners. A company searching for a new importer, distributor or sales representative creates an advert on describing their product and job description for the sales agents. The Independent Agent looking for a new assignment can search the adverts based on specific criteria in order to find relevant mission and then contact the company.

  • 4. What are’s advantages?

    Unlike our competitors is not limited to a specific country, we are globally active. Whether you are from Indonesia, France or Mexico we can help you finding the right sales agent or company to get in business with.

    Additionally registration is free for companies and sales agent. There are no membership fees!

  • 5. Why companies create ads on

    All companies using’s services are looking for independent sales representatives, importers or distributors. These companies range from small businesses to fortune 500 companies active in different industry sectors. It doesn’t matter if you are specialized in baby clothing or industrial machinery, on helps you to find the right freelance sales representative, importer or distributor.

  • 6. Who can help me with further questions?

    For further information an to get legal advice please refer to a local lawyer as well as a lawyer in the country where you would like to sell your products or services.

  • 7. What services are offered by offers services to connect commercial agents and companies seeking sales agents. Companies may post an advert targeting to find independent sales force. This service is totally free for commercial agents as companies pay for the service according to the selected option.


  • 1. Can help me to find a specific Sales agent?

    When you are looking for a specific profile of sales agent, proposes tailor made services. We help you to find the right independent partner. To find out more about our tailor made solutions, please contact us.

  • 2. What information do I have to provide?

    It is important that you provide as much information as possible about the sales agent’s assignment. This makes it easier for potential partners to judge if they fit the profile you are looking for. The most important is to define precisely what type of sales agent (sales representative, importer, distributor) you are looking for and on what market (country, region) you would like him/her to sell your products/services. It is also very important to specify which products/services you provide as many sales agents are specialized in certain activity fields and have an extensive professional network in this industry sector.

  • 3. Do I have to pay a salary?

    Independent/freelance sales agents do not receive a salary as they are not your employees. You establish a business contract with another company/freelance worker, and as such you have no obligations as employer. Remunerations are commission based.

  • 4. Who can find my ads?

    Every sales agent visiting the network will see your ad. But the ad can also be found by sales representatives, importers and distributors using general search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, Baidu, …) to find new opportunities. After signing-up to they can contact you and you can select the best fitting business partner.

  • 5. Is there some kind of quality control?

    As for most services a quality control as such does not exist. But as remuneration consists of sales commissions the risk is also quite low. Sales agents who do not sell your products/services won’t get commissions, and thus you don’t have to pay them.

  • 6. Legal status of independent workforce

    This varies country by country. We recommend you to contact Chamber of Commerce of your region for more information. There are also associations that can help you.
    Contract with an Agent
    The legal obligations vary country by country and also sector of activity has an impact how an agreement should be drafted. If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact your lawyer, chamber of commerce or an association for agents to gather more information.
    There are no international laws regulating contracts between sales agents and companies. For this reason it is very important that your contract defines a competent court of jurisdiction.

Sales agents

  • 1. What are my commissions?

    A commission is an amount of money (usually a percentage) your partner company pays you, based on the value of the services/products you sold for them. Commissions vary depending on the nature of the business (services or products) and the sector of activity. Usually commissions are negotiable and fixed in the contract.

  • 2. Do I have to pay to contact a company?

    No. services are entirely free for sales agents (sales representatives, importers, distributors). You can contact as many companies as you like it is and will always be free of charge.

  • 3. What information do I have to provide?

    The minimal requirement in order to contact a company is to provide your name and the country/region you are working in. However it is strongly recommended to provide as much information as possible, as a complete profile makes it easier for companies to assess if you are the right sales agent for them.

  • 4. Who can see my profile?

    Only companies you decided to reply to can see your detailed profile. This means that it is very important that you reply to every single ad you are interested in to find as much new business opportunities as possible.

  • 5. Can anyone become a sales agent?

    Sales agents, importers and distributors generally are not protected professions as it is the case for lawyers. This means that you do not need specific diplomas to become a sales agent. In some countries specific regulations might exist regarding the possibility to work as an independent/freelance and/or sales representative, distributor, importer.

  • 6. Is there only one sales agent per company and market?

    Your contract with the company defines the terms of your collaboration. You can ask to be the only representative for a specific product or brand, and the company decides if those terms are accepted.

  • 7. What information does provide about companies?

    Companies searching sales agents on have to provide information about their products or services and the markets they are already selling on. This gives you a good overview of their product range, the quality of the goods an thus allows you to judge if you will be able to sell their products.

  • 8. Are there only product manufacturers on

    No. On you will also find service providers and other companies that do not necessarily produce their goods themselves. In some cases companies have outsourced the search for sales agents to specialized agencies who then use to find the right sales agents.

  • 9. Is the service free for commercial agents and for freelance profiles?

    The service is completely free and will remain so. However, sales agents in search for other sales agents, being in charge of other independent sales force will be treated as a company looking to hire independent sales professionals. For agents applying for positions all services are totally free.

  • 10. How to get results by using targeted research?

    You can do a targeted search. You are able to use our internal search engine to look for missions. The service is available for listed and non-listed sales agents.
    To apply for an assignment, you need to register *. This will take couple of minutes and then you are able to access to a quick and efficient board of services to find new interesting projects for you.
    For a custom made search, please do not hesitate to fill in a contact form and we will contact you at your convenience.
    *Cost Free service

  • 11. How to get more information on missions?

    By registering and filing your application form with your CV, the company searching for independent agents will receive your partnership proposal. We do not publish the contact details of the company for several reasons.
    We also have the ability to contact you directly to connect you immediately with a company.

  • 12. How to know if a published advert is serious?

    We do everything possible to select only serious businesses. We do this by providing advice and by being cautious. However, we are not responsible for the quality of the business or the quality of our clients’ businesses.
    You have the ability to report a doubtful company. This you can do by contacting us either by phone or by filling in a contact form. You can also contact us directly from the page of the announcement of the contracting company. We will deal with the company directly.

  • 13. Why to create a profile on

    Creating a profile at will enable you to respond easily to offers on our site. You have the option to use selected criteria and to receive offers directly to your e-mail without visiting our website. However, we advise you to visit regularly our site to browse the new adverts.
    We have for our corporate clients service called TAILOR MADE. By registering you also have the possibility of being contacted by our networking service. This agreement offers companies looking for sales agents use our internal resources to find the right candidates for their products.

  • 14. How to Update my Profile?

    To update your sales Agent profile, all you need to do is to go into your personal area and change information you wish to change. It might well be that one of our advisor will call you in order to confirm the changes, especially if they are important for safety and quality of sales agents profiles registered in the directory of International Commercial Agents catalogue.

  • 15. How to create and register a CV into

    In your personal area go to the area where you are asked to upload your CV. We recommend using PDF format, as it will be easier to read for companies you will send it to.

  • 16. Who sees my profile?

    Your profile is visible by the contracting company in search of sales agents only when you apply for an announcement.
    Your profile is visible to companies that have subscribed to a service with Your profile is not made public on the search engines, you can make your profile invisible in the directory of commercial agents.

  • 17. How can I be sure that my CV was sent with my application?

    To verify that your CV is saved in your private area, an icon appears in red to indicate that it is fully charged, and clicking on it should be displayed.
    If your CV is properly registered on your private space, it will be automatically sent to the company you are applying for.

  • 18. What does it mean to “save a search”?

    When viewing the adverts, you can save interesting announcements without applying to in directly. You may come back later on to the site to apply or if you wish you can leave the announcement without reply.
    Often commercial agents prefer to wait to be fully registered with us before starting apply for interesting positions.

  • 19. What happens when I apply online for a mission on

    When applying for an announcement of seeking sales agents in the site, the contracting company receives a new application alert by email then your application is stored in their Company Area on our website.
    Your application will be saved to your personal zone; you can find your applications. When the company receives your application, it can then access your information and your resume.

  • 20. How do I report a fraudulent or discriminant announcement?

    You can report fraudulent or suspicious advert on page of the advert.
    Go to the "report an ad" if you are registered on, a form will be at your use, with the following fields: "give an object to your report" in this area you can explain the reasons why you wish to report this enterprise, the message will be seen by our consultants and if necessary our team will certainly contact you for more details.

  • 21. How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter?

    In your isolated area you have a topic, "managing my alerts and notification". You have the ability to check and uncheck the items, alerts, newsletters or new listings alerts. You can reactivate them when you wish.

  • 22. Will my contact details be sold to third parties?

    The information is not sold to third parties. The information is shared to mandating companies that are looking for sales agents, if you have agreed to appear in the directory of sales agents

  • 23. I would like to reduce the frequency of emails received. I'm not looking for new missions currently. Should I delete my account and the content?

    You have the option to suspend all alerts, just click into notifications. You then also suspend the display of your profile in the directory of sales agents. There is no need to delete the account to stop receiving mandates and proposals.

  • 24. Can I use my username and password of my business account for my agent account to send an application?

    You have the possibility of double use of our site. Sometimes An agent may need to recruit sales agents. In case an Agent has an exclusivity to market a product and then wishes to promote goods with other agents. The agents might wish to seek assignments in addition to their professional activity.

  • 25. How to search for missions in

    By logging in you can visit all NEW adverts in the sector “missions”. You can do a search by status, by criteria or by country. You can also search by keyword.

  • 26. How to get results by using targeted research?

    When you subscribe to our site, you can give information about you. Present your capabilities and indicate the criteria for your search, such a geographic location and the sector you are looking for missions.
    You will receive mail alerts of companies seeking sales agents, according to the criteria set by you.
    In your private zone, you will have a selection of listings proposed according to the criteria you have saved. You are able to answer directly, but also search for similar listings, and you are able to apply to the positions directly.

  • 27. Why are there not more results for my search?

    Make sure your profile is completed and filled with specific criteria, do not forget to use key words. If you are not able to find one mission corresponding to your criteria, please contact us. This situation is rare and we will help you.

  • 28. How often are the offers updated?

    Offers are updated daily. After confirmation by staff, adverts are published on line directly. The frequency of publications depends on the demand. The posting is immediate from Monday to Friday.

  • 29. How to add a mission into my favourites?

    When viewing an advert, a grey star appears to the right side of the title of an advert. If you click on the star, it becomes yellow and indicates that the announcement is being added to your favourites.
    To find your favourites, click on the button at the top of the page called FAVOURITES and your list of adverts will appear.
    To disable a favourite advert, click again on the star, it will become grey and the announcement will be removed from your list of favourites.

  • 30. How to get more information about a mission?

    When answering to an advert, you have information about the tools the company offers for their commercial agents to facilitate the success of your mandate. When you answer, the company will contact you and give you more information about their company.

  • 31. Who is behind the published adverts?

    The proposed missions come from companies looking for sales representatives and independent distributors. Companies connect to our website and submit to missions directly online. After sales agents can access offers directly from website.
    Companies from all over the world in variety of sectors use our network to find independent sales agents for their companies.

  • 32. How to send a mission to a friend(s) by e-mail?

    When viewing an advert, there is an option to use icon “share”, choose the proposed option "send to a friend". Then you must specify the address of destination. An email will be sent automatically with your first name, and you can also send a message with the announcement.

  • 33. How to print an assignment?

    You have an icon representing a printer, click it and follow the instructions.
    You can also use your operating system to print an offer, go to the Print tab of your system.

  • 34. Where to find information about the proposed fees for a mission?

    The commissions of the commercial agents are indicated on the right side of the advert. The information is just after the presentation of the assignment. All companies do not show the percentage due to the variable commission rates. These depend on the products or services sold. The client will provide more information concerning the commission rates.

  • 35. Why Commissions Are not indicated for all missions?

    Some companies looking for sales agents want to remain confidential in relation to their competitors and towards other commercial agents. The rate may also vary according to the products or services sold by the same company.

  • 36. How to get more information about the mission proposed?

    For more information you should contact the company posting. Please bear in mind that applying for a job does not commit you.

  • 37. Does guarantee that the assignments come from valid businesses?

    We attempt to ensure that companies offer serious mission to the commercial agents. However, we are not responsible for the commercial proposal of the company, you can still report a dishonest job offer.

  • 38. How do I know that a assignment received by e-mail is serious?

    We attempt to ensure that all missions sent by e-mail are serious. However, we are not responsible for the commercial proposal of the company. Please bear in mind that you can report a mission that does not correspond to the ethics of the website.

  • 39. How to apply for a sales agent mission?

    Take time to read the information concerning the mission, check if the geographical area of research is appropriate to your search.
    You have the option to search with specific criteria, consider using all search tools provided. Consult your emails regularly to see the offers that match your search criteria.

  • 40. What happens when I apply online to a mission at

    The company receives a signal indicating that they have received a new application for their publication. The company will contact candidates directly.

  • 41. I responded to an advertisement but I do find it anymore online. Could you re-send it?

    Ads that are not online and on which you have applied to, are stored in your own personal area in “My Replies”. You have the option to restart your application from the archived advert. All you need to do is to click icon "review my candidacy."
    The company will receive another e-mail concerning your application. The corporation has the right to decide whether they reply or not. We are available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 18 pm.

  • 42. Do I have to have an account at in order to apply for missions?

    You must register into to become a member and be able to apply directly and easily online to our adverts. In order to join, please click to the homepage and register for free into our commercial community.

  • 43. Do I need a resume when applying for a job?

    Your resume is not required to apply to the missions, as a sales agent is not an employee. On our site people apply for freelance commercial missions. However, it is advisable to add to a resume in order to present your past experience and your skills well.

  • 44. Why have I not received a response when I applied for a mission?

    Companies are free to answer or not in a respectable time. Please inform us if you found no responses to your applications.

  • 45. How to apply for a job when there are no contact details?

    Companies do not always indicate their contact details. Firms are notified of your professional details when you submit your application. The corporation can contact directly applying commercial agents.

  • 46. How can I follow the missions that I have applied for?

    You can find your applications in your personal area. you can see directly if companies have contacted you.
    You will find adverts into which you have applied for in the zone "my replies".

  • 47. Can I apply to a mission more than once?

    You can apply only once to an advert. However you have the possibility to send a message to the company concerning your application.

  • 48. None of the applications I applied for has had a positive result… what to do?

    Please verify your profile, it is important to fill out your profile with the correct contact information. In case our address or phone number has changed, remember to update it. If all the information requested is completed and the situation continues, please contact us. We do our utmost to find reasons for the situation.

  • 49. What measures of confidentiality do you take?

    Your applications are stored in our servers. Commercial agents cannot see your details about you, only the companies that you have applied for will receive your application.
    Only the team can see your research. The applications are stored in our databases and search history is deleted after one month. For more information, please consult our Terms and Conditions and our Data Protection policy.

  • 50. How to search for missions on the website?

    You can search for new missions without being connected. At our home page and you are able to browse through new adverts either by clicking on geographic locations (by location) or by “Popular Searches” (by sector) announced by our clients. There is also an option to search new missions by criteria, industry and geographic area. You can also find new opportunities by using keywords. Please use our guidance it is simple and straightforward.

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