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General Terms and Conditions of Use


    JobOne Ltd is a registered trademark of independent sales agents.

    JobOne Ltd is a service of connecting professionals directly online. The platform connects companies to independent sales agents by consultation and distribution of advertisements with an access to our exclusive pool of independent agents.

    These conditions apply to the website operated by or on behalf of JobOne Ltd and its affiliated companies, franchisees (JobOne Ltd ) and subsidiaries.

    These Terms of Use are the property of JobOne Ltd . Any use, in whole or in part, of these Terms is subject to the prior authorization of JobOne Ltd . In the absence of this authorization, the offender is exposed to the incriminations and the penal and civil proceedings envisaged by the law.

    The present conditions of use apply to all the products and services of setting in relation services marketed by JobOne Ltd .

    By purchasing the services online, the member declares that he/she is using the JobOne Ltd services in accordance with the applicable law and the following general conditions.

    It is brought to the attention of the member that JobOne Ltd is not the owner of the information contained in the online advertisements and in the directory of sales agents, and therefore declines any responsibility in this regard.

    Please read the JobOne Ltd terms of use carefully before registering for the service.

    The Services offered are destined exclusively to professionals. Site’s Services must not be used by Consumers within the meaning of Article 2 of Directive 2000/31/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on electronic commerce.

    Furthermore, the provisions of Articles 51 and 52 of the modified Law of 14th August 2000 on e-commerce shall not apply to these Terms of Use.


    The following terms or their grammatical variations shall, unless the context otherwise requires, have the following meanings:

    JobOne Ltd:JobOne Ltd is a limited liability company that has its registered office atV94 6R68, Unit 301 Roselawn House, National Technology Park,
    Limerick Irelandand which is registered at theIreland chamber of commerce under n° B 640935

    Agent: any independent and professional agent (from distributors to sales experts), whose profile is registered in the Directory.

    Client: any Member who subscribed to any of the paid Service(s) offered by this Site.

    Directory: means the database of independent agents looking for new products and services to put into their portfolio.

    Member(s): Any individual or entity registered in the Site and using any Service(s) offered by JobOne Ltd.

    Newsletter(s): Periodic information sent by JobOne Ltd to the Members.

    Service(s): Professional services provided by the Site aimed toward Members.

    Site: The website(s) provided by JobOne Ltd and made available at the following address: and/or any other address that may be added, redirected to, or substituted for the same.

    Subscription: One of the subscriptions chosen by the Member in the list of Services that vary with the number of countries covered and any additional services.

    Subscription Terms:
    - Standard advert service - Subscription Term: 2 months without any tacit renewal.

    Tailor-made Service: Upon the request of a Member, the Site may use its own resources, its database and other means to ensure the recruitment of Agent(s).

    User(s): Members and Visitors altogether.

    Visitor(s): Any person who visits the Site occasionally, without being registered with the Site.


    Our site is an online medium whose purpose is to allow companies and commercial agents to get in touch with each other, according to an "online advertisement" system and a "commercial agent directory" system. We host the content of the ads put online by the companies (text, photos, etc.). We do not intervene in the relationship between the entrepreneur in search of commercial agents and the independent representative. Consequently, we do not exercise any control over the safety, truthfulness or accuracy of the advertisements posted online, the ability of the advertisers to propose assignment offers or the ability of the independent commercial applicants to respond to the online commercial offers. We cannot ensure that either the company or the applicant will enter into a contract with each other.


    Registration for our services is done online, on the website, by filling in a form and validating it after reading these terms of use. Our services are reserved for adults and professionals who can prove that they are registered in a trade register. Moreover, you are no longer authorized to use our services if your account has been temporarily or permanently suspended.

    At the time of the registration, the Members may provide their consent for receiving information from JobOne Ltd, including but not limited to, the Newsletter. Members may opt-out at any time by selecting the related option in their personal area.

    .1 Personal Information

    - We collect information that you choose to provide, such as your email or postal address.

    - We collect non-personal information such as browser type, operating system and web pages visited to help us manage our sites.

    - We use cookies and other technologies to manage our e-mail and Internet programs.

    - We may obtain additional information about you, such as demographic information, from commercially available sources.

    .2 Use

    - We use your personal information to provide you with the services you have requested, to provide you with a personalized interactive experience, and to help us develop new services that meet your needs.

    - We will not share your personal information with other commercial companies unless we have requested it from you and have obtained your explicit consent. Without your consent, we will not share your personal information.

    - We use the personal information you provide to us only for our intended purposes.

    - When we temporarily provide personal information to companies that use our services, for example, to view the JobOne Directory, we require those companies to protect the information in the same manner as JobOne Ltd. These companies cannot use your personal information for a purpose other than the one for which you provided it to JobOne Ltd.

    .3 Your Rights and Choices

    - You have the right to have a copy of the personal information you have provided and to modify or update it.

    - You may ask JobOne Ltd to remove any prior consent you may have given to disclose your personal information to other companies.

    - You may ask JobOne Ltd to remove you from the programs you have subscribed to using the unsubscribe link in our e-mail programs.

    .4 Important information

    - JobOne Ltd is committed to working with its members to obtain a fair resolution to any privacy claims or concerns.

    - JobOne Ltd respects the data protection laws of the countries.

    - We cooperate with local data protection authorities if they believe a privacy issue has arisen.

    - The privacy of our sites is certified.


    Members can pay for the paid services either by credit card (on the internet or by phone), by bank transfer or Paypal.

    As soon as an advertisement is put online on the site, customers have access to the directory of commercial agents. All the services offered by JobOne Ltd are subject to rates and payment terms relative to each service.

    In any case, the price and terms of payment of the various Paid Services are presented and are constantly accessible on the JobOne Ltd site and at the latest during the presentation or use of the Paid Service(s) to which the Member wishes to subscribe, as well as their respective price(s).

    The rates are available at any time on the UpinSales website.

    Terms of service:

    - Placement of ads online - Duration of service: 4 months without tacit renewal.


    JobOne Ltd reserves the right to verify all content of the Site from time to time and remove (without notice) any content which, in its sole opinion, constitutes offensive content (i.e. harmful, shocking, in breach of another person’s rights, unlawful, or in breach of any relevant regulations).

    The Site agrees to act promptly to suspend or remove any statements or behaviours of a User of the Site that is obviously offensive, in breach of these Terms of Use or in breach of the applicable laws and regulations, or otherwise harmful to the rights of third parties, upon notification by another Member or a third party.

    Members are required to report any content they deem offensive by informingJobOne Ltd through the contact form.

    JobOne Ltd uses its best efforts to find and to remove offensive content. However,JobOne Ltd shall not be deemed liable to have cleared any content or assume liability for content submitted by a Member, should JobOne Ltd at any time, on a discretionary basis, decide to monitor content appearing on the Site.

    In the event of valid notification of offensive content or otherwise inappropriate content, JobOne Ltd will use its best endeavours to remove such content.

    JobOne Ltd reserves the right to report any illicit activities or content to the competent authorities.


    JobOne Ltd's obligation to supply is limited to an obligation of means.

    In the same way, the information that the customer obtains within the framework of the services proposed by JobOne Ltd, that it is on the site, by electronic mail, do not give right to any guarantee of JobOne Ltd insofar as it is not the producer of this information.

    The articles offered are in conformity with the legislation in force in the country. JobOne Ltd cannot be held responsible for the non-respect of the legislation of the country where the services are purchased.

    The only guarantee given by JobOne Ltd concerns the management of an Internet site that provides the customer with the service ordered. JobOne Ltd will not be liable to the user for any indirect, consequential, special, incidental, punitive, loss of information or problems arising from electronic payment, costs related to delay or obtaining replacement services, however caused, based on any theory of liability (including formal, contractual, tort, consequential damages to the extent permitted by law and caused by negligence), arising out of this contract. These limitations shall apply even if a party has been advised of the possible occurrence of such damages and notwithstanding a breach of the primary purpose of a limited remedy.


    All rights related to the Site, concepts and Services, tools, content that do not belong to Users, including but not limited to ; texts, graphic or audio-visual creations, software developments (including HTML developments) and other creations, and generally any other intellectual creation that can be protected by Intellectual Property Rights such as pictures, logos, setup, graphical layout, structure, ergonomics, colours codes, typography, fonts, graphical elements of the database, graphical structure of screens, page setup, page footers and broadly the visual identity of the Site, sound elements and/or any trademarks, are, without limitation, the exclusive property of JobOne Ltd ® or its associates.

    The Site and all of its elements, as well as the Services, are protected by the laws of intellectual property.


    JobOne Ltd or a third party may establish a link with other sites or sources. JobOne Ldt has no means of controlling these sites and sources, and is not responsible for the availability of such sites and external sources, nor does it guarantee them. JobOne Ldt does not appropriate the contents to which these sites or sources give access, and excludes any responsibility and guarantee with regard to these contents.

    The links and, in particular, the searches are carried out largely automatically and, due to their number, cannot be verified in any way by JobOne Ldt staff. If, however, there is a link to an external page on the website where illegal content is being disseminated by a third party, JobOne Ltd will, after being informed of the content, delete the link to this page.


    Members’ personal information will be handled pursuant to Ireland law with regard to the data processing of personal information, as amended and to Site’s Privacy Policy.


    These Terms of Use may be modified at any moment, at the discretion of JobOne Ltd, subject to the requirement that prior notice to the Members shall be given by JobOne Ltd at least thirty (30) days prior to entry into force of the new Terms and Conditions. These changes become effective when published online on the Site.

    The Terms and Conditions applicable are then those in force on the Site on the date of Subscription or of its renewal.

    The effective date of the latest modifications to the Terms and Conditions is March 10, 2020.


    The present General Conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with Ireland law. The Ireland courts shall have jurisdiction to rule on all disputes that may arise between the parties in connection with the execution of these Terms and Conditions.