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Find sales agents

If you look for independent sales representatives, importers or distributors, UpinSales.com’s services fit your needs. You will find targeted profiles of sales agent that are looking for new products and services to sell and new principals.

The right sales agents for your company

Since 1999, UpinSales.com, we have strong history in finding the appropriate candidates for independant sales organizations. We offer powerful tools to find sales agents and expand your sales locally and worldwide.

How we work

We work two different ways: through adverts and through tailor made solutions to find the right independent sales freelancer for your company.

Our Quality

All our agents are qualified by phone to ensure skillful profiles and a high level of right matching and results. Choosing the right sales agent means flexibility and a high potential of success in expanding your market and raise your sales!

Connecting companies with sales agents

Why choose to work with a sales freelancer?


Sales agents are independent. You do not have to hire them as employees or pay a salary. Their remunerations are only commission based.

Expand your market

The sales agents will usually have existing relationships and connections with your targeted market, giving them the advantage of presenting your product directly to buyers and potential customers.


Sales agents, distributors and importers represent your brand to existing clients and new clients. They are qualified by experience and culture to sell your products in their local market. They are 100% business partners.

Competence is meant to be shared. Relationships to be nurtured