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Artisan Baking, BBQ and more: Agents wanted for our wood fired ovens, electric stone ovens, dough kneading machines, pasta makers, BBQ grills and more.

Artisan Baking, BBQ and more: Agents wanted for our wood fired ovens, electric stone ovens, dough kneading machines, pasta makers, BBQ grills and more.

About the company

Karl-Heinz Häussler GmbH
Häussler is a traditional German company that started its current business with a wood-fired oven.
Over time more and more products around the topic baking got added to the product portfolio as dough kneading machines, grain mills, various flours, and a lot more. After that, the topic of pasta-making got added to the portfolio.
As some clients loved the unique taste of the food prepared in the wood-fired ovens but feared the efforts of making the fire, Häussler added easily to handle pellet burning systems to the ovens and also created an electric stone oven.
The competence with the pellet-burning systems soon lead to a new product category: pellet-fired grills, ambient lights and terrace heaters.
Häussler is a well-known brand in southern Germany and is famous for its unique products and quality.

Assignments & Responsibilities

Häussler is a traditional German company that started its current business with a wood-fired oven. Over the years a lot of products about the topic baking got added to our product portfolio. The Häussler brand stands for ovens and related products of the highest quality – baking to perfection is our passion.

- Market research
- Identify potential partners
- Contact Potential Clients
- Enthuse Clients
- Generate first sales
- Customer follow ups

Target clients

Farm shops
Large distributors

Product description

Wood-fired ovens
Ovens for indoor and outdoor use with a unique quality that can e.g. be used for preparing meat, pizza, bread, cakes and a lot more. A wood-burning oven is an acquisition for life.

Return to the best baking quality, tangy aroma, taste and flavour...
During baking in the Häussler wood-burning oven, flavourings and roasting aromas that gourmets really appreciate develop on the surface of the baked items.
This type of baking is unsurpassed to this day, in the era of the most modern technology. The desire for naturalness and originality is fulfilled with the bread oven in the most delicious and healthy way. The Häussler wood-burning oven is well-suited for baking, roasting and drying. Whether suckling pig or poultry – meat is roasted crispy brown & succulent. Once the oven is heated up, it holds a high temperature for a long time because of its high heat storage capacity.
So you first bake dishes that need the most heat, such as pizzas and tarte flambée, then bread and meat and then cake and pastries. The residual warmth is perfectly suited for drying mushrooms and fruit.

The Häussler pellet grill represents a complete new appliance category. It is fired with wood pellets, is ready for grilling in a few minutes, is practically smoke-free and provides a beautiful visible flame. With the extensive accessories, the appliance can be used for many different purposes. It can also be operated as a cosy ambience light. The jewel for all balconies, terraces and backyards.

- Terrace heaters
The Häussler terrace heater is a unique product. It is fired with wood pellets and creates a cosy heat in combination with great ambience due to the big visible flames.
The terrace heater is the prefect addition to your terrace at home, in restaurants or hotels. All visitors get instantly attracted by the unique ambience.

- Electric stone ovens:
Many ovens today are comprised of a metal housing into which hot air is blown. These ovens can be used flexibly and are inexpensive to manufacture. However, you have to constantly heat them, they require energy constantly during the baking period and have loss of quality through drying out due to air turbulence in the baking chamber.
Anyone who attaches value to the highest quality baking, however, should pay attention to other parameters. Baking with a hot brick is considered to be the primal method. The brick is first heated up, then the oven is switched off and you bake with the decreasing heat. We consider this method, taken over from the wood-burning oven, to be unsurpassed.
You get a wonderful aroma and incomparable taste – whether bread, cake, pizza, meat or small baked goods like from the original wood-burning oven.The electric stone ovens from Häussler are completely lined with fireclay bricks. These bricks store heat and gently and quiescently give it off to the baked good. This is the so-called radiant heat, which ensures optimum baking results. In addition, the fireclay bricks have a balancing effect. They absorb the moisture from the dough in order to give it back again to the baked good during the baking process.

- Dough kneading machines
Good dough produces good baked goods A good dough is rich in oxygen, light and fluffy in consistency, smooth on the surface and flexible in the tension. The Häussler dough kneading machines offer professional technology at its finest: kneading hook and bowl turn at the same time and ensure optimal results.

- Grain mills
Use the power of the whole grain. Important nutrients, vitamins, minerals and high-quality protein are in it. In addition, the important plant fibre, which is valuable for metabolism and digestion. Furthermore, bread with freshly grown flour tastes fantastic. Many good reasons to freshly grind flour for the bread.

-Pasta makers
Homemade pasta is a dream: really fresh, thoroughly delicious and very satisfying. More and more people today want to know what is in what they eat. This is an especially important aspect in the case of the staple food pasta. The name of the game is make it yourself. You can conjure up wonderful noodles and pasta with the pasta makers from Häussler. Your creativity will know no bounds.

Profile and skills

For our international expansion we are looking for sales agents or distributors in several countries. The new target markets are nearly untouched territories. Our new agents should share the passion about our products, should be interested in the topic of baking/cooking, willing to learn, have a relevant network and should enjoy starting up in a new area.

We are looking for a person who is
- Passionate
- Willing to learn
- Interested in growing a market on a long-term basis.
- Ready to work on a commission basis

We are looking for somebody who is willing to contribute to all aspects of our expansion.



5 - 7 %

To be negotiated

Karl-Heinz Häussler GmbH
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