General Information

Please find here all the instructions to use our website and get optimal performance.

Our website is designed to help out Sales Agents to find new business opportunities and Companies to work with the finest motivated Sales Agents.

How to use - Website Tips for Agents
When responding to an advert; be persuasive with your wording. Tell exactly why YOU should be the one selected. Mention ALL of your profile information more likely to convince the company's manager to get touch with you.

Be concise & precise, target your searches, be active. Tell where you would be interested to work in, the sector(s) you are interested about and type of organisation. Do not forget to use our search engine to find new interesting opportunities. And for sure an updated CV will get more attention. Be active in your search.

How to use well website Tips for Companies
Tell us more about you by using words and photos. Make use of as we have experience in recruiting sales agents since 1999. The fields that we ask you to fill in are a request from the independent sales agents. Do not forget that you are in competition with other companies to attract sales force.

If you have any questions, the team is here to help you. Do not hesitate to ask.

Competence is meant to be shared. Relationships to be nurtured