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The candidate

Sales Agents

The "mission" seeker is available immediately, the freelancer looking for new opportunities may take several months before he or she is available for the company.

The company

How to find the right agent?

A good sales freelancer must be professional, responsive and available.
Through role-playing, you will have the opportunity to find out if the sales agent will have the right reflexes and if he/she shares your professional vision. You can ask for references.

How to use

Tips for agents

When responding to offers on Upinsales, always try to write a motivational message to complement your resume. This will increase your chances of being selected by recruiters looking for your profile.
Be precise. Target your searches. Set yourself a professional objective as well as the sector and country in which you wish to work. Use the Upinsales search engine to find out who might need you.
Keep your profile up to date.

Tips for companies

Your profile is one of the key elements to get in touch with sales agents. Build it in a relevant way, enhance your online image and brand.
Adopt a proactive attitude and take full advantage of Upinsales tools. Our team is at your disposal to guide and accompany you throughout your search.
Take advantage of the power and referencing of the Upinsales network to target the best candidates. Don't miss the opportunity to position your company at the top of the list or on the home page.