About UpinSales.com

Why are we leader?

Our expertise and know-how
Based on our experience of more than twenty years, combining technological excellence and cutting-edge expertise, UpinSales guides you on the path to successful connections between companies and sales freelancers.

Our quality
We make every effort to help and support registered sales agents in order to optimize the quality of applications received by companies. We seek to constantly optimize the consistency between the expectations of the companies and the research of the sales agents.

Our human side
UpinSales puts human contact at the center of its concerns. Through our street marketing actions, we meet personally new potential sales freelancers, in order to attract more and more interesting new profiles. Through our online availability and networking, we exchange and meet recruiters and companies to ensure them a time saving connection process.

A long-term partnership
We are committed to working closely with our users, to build and develop long-term relationships. Thanks to our knowledge of the needs and profiles of our registered members, we are able to advise companies and to help them receive applications meeting the needs of the company.

A state-of-the-art performing site
We have the most cutting-edge, rapid and powerful technological infrastructure for site referencing and optimization. We have the competence of open and scalable solutions to ensure targeted marketing, good positioning and the best visibility in search engines and directories.

Investments and ideas for the future
Always looking forward, UpinSales does not just grasp today's opportunities, but is already thinking about the challenges of tomorrow. Thanks to continuous investments and strong local expertise, we will develop our international presence for those who want to conquer new markets.

Competence is meant to be shared. Relationships to be maintained.