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Companies we’ve partnered with

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Who are we and what do we do?

How it works UPINSALES is a unique web-based Platform that helps businesses find independent sales professionals to sell their products and services.

Companies are always looking for ways to increase their sales and expand their market share. Engaging freelance sales professionals is a great way to do this at minimum cost. For companies looking for flexibility and commission-only projects, freelance sales agents are already present in these markets and are always looking for complimentary products and services to sell to their existing client base.

UPINSALES brings these elements together to create a win-win situation no mater what you’re looking for:

Businesses seeking to increase their sales without the financial risk of employing an in-house sales team can find the perfect freelance match. Freelance sales professionals increase their revenue by expanding into new regions, products and markets.

Are you a sales freelancer looking for great new sales opportunities? sales agent

Are you a business wishing to increase your sales? business is a professional platform where international companies and independent sales force connect. is the worldwide sales agents’ network helping companies and sales agents to get in touch with each other. You have at your disposal a group of professionals to find the right profiles/mission for you. We develop our site and technology to connect sales freelancers and companies together.

Global focus and Sales experience

Our prime advantage is the global focus. Independent sales agents - importers, distributors and sales representatives - as well as companies from all over the world use
We have a profound expertise in connecting international and local companies with independent sales reps. Producers expand their market reach whilst agents are able to offer a new product on their portfolio.